Adulterant Detection

DNA is the most sensitive, specific, and accurate method of species identification on the market, and the scientists at AuthenTechnologies® are the world-leaders in species identification using DNA.  In fact, over 25% of our routine samples are found to be adulterated, most by closely related species not detectable by any other method.  Our scientists have developed cutting-edge genetic methods capable of identifying a single organism to a complex blend of 100 or more.

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Whether it is detecting the source of toxic ingredients in tea or identifying soy allergens in a dietary supplement, AuthenTechnologies® offers the most cutting-edge genetic technologies to solve any of your challenges related to adulterant and allergen detection.  In fact, our methods are the only methods capable of quickly and affordably identifying all species in a complex mixture- from plant contaminants, to fungal pathogens, to bacteria all at once!