NSF DNA Authenticated™


A New Way to be Sure

NSF DNA Authenticated™ is the latest verification program from NSF International that allows use of the NSF DNA Authenticated™ mark on raw material packaging to invoke a sense of trust within the supply chain and with consumers.

The testing process involves these steps:

  1. Your sample is tested using our proprietary universal plant primers to identify the target species. This testing also provides information about any other contaminants, substitutes or adulterants.
  2. Our target-specific primers screen for any known common contaminants of the target genus or species. Our targeted approach provides confidence that you are producing or buying authentic, pure products.
  3. Using NSF AuthenTechnologies®’ Clean Screen method, our testing screens for an extensive list of allergens and fillers. Our Clean Screen can screen for wheat, soy, pea, corn (corn starch), potato (maltodextrin), rice, peanut, almond, walnut, pecan and hazelnut.
  4. All samples are screened for 120 toxic plants and specifically tested for known toxic contaminants such as bindweed.

Following testing, samples are given a PASS or FAIL status as well as a certificate of analysis detailing the testing performed and the results.

For more information, please email at info@authentechnologies.com.