Reference Materials

Authentic reference materials are a critical component of any identification method; from morphology to chemistry, to the most-cutting-edge genetic technology, a method is only as reliable as the materials used as references.  Through AuthenTechnologies® extensive network of herbaria around the world, we are able to develop standard reference materials traceable to herbarium vouchers for virtually any species and any material relatively quickly and affordably.

All of AuthenTechnologies® methods are developed using reference sequences obtained from herbarium vouchers as shown below; herbarium vouchers are dried and pressed specimens that are housed in “herbaria” or plant museums in universities and natural history museums around the world.  It is these specimens that contain the necessary characteristics of plants that botanists require to identify them taxonomically.

Herbarium Panax Specimen

AuthenTechnologies® validated DNA identity testing services allow our clients to develop their own suite of authentic reference materials, not only enabling them to comply with FDA regulations, but to greatly strengthen their in-house authentication programs. Stop relying on commercially available reference materials that have not been tested using validated methods or traceable to herbarium vouchers- they will lead to erroneous data that can have untold consequences, as evidenced by the true story in Case Study 1403: 100 Years of 100% Adulteration.

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