Species Identification

DNA is the most commonly used method by university scientists around the world for identifying species. And now, NSF AuthenTechnologies® is the first contract laboratory in the world to bring this valuable service to the public.  Click here for a list of NSF AuthenTechnologies® standard DNA identity testing services.

DNA is the most sensitive, specific, and accurate method of species identification on the market, and the scientists at NSF AuthenTechnologies® are the world-leaders in species identification using DNA. NSF AuthenTechnologies® uses the most cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing technology standard on all testing services. 

When product quality and consumer safety are on the line, close enough is not good enough and DNA is the only method to distinguish between closely related species, and those that are morphologically and/or chemically similar.


Our scientists have developed cutting-edge genetic methods capable of identifying a single organism to a complex blend of 100 or more.  Our unbiased approach allows our clients to confidently identify all of the components of their materials- even unexpected adulterants, providing them with a level of quality service available nowhere else. Don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what our clients have to say about it.

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