Client Testimonials

Zoë Gardner, Ph.D.

R&D Manager, Traditional Medicinals

AuthenTechnologies®has been a wonderful partner of Traditional Medicinals for botanical identity testing. When established chemical identity methods don't provide clear results and new ones are time-consuming to develop, DNA identity testing with AuthenTechnologies® has provided rapid, ready to use, and reliable identity methods. For botanicals that are commonly adulterated or when species are difficult to differentiate by other means, DNA testing has added great confidence to our typical identity methods. AuthenTechnologies® partnerships with very well respected herbaria brings to us the work of numerous academic botanists, providing vouchered reference specimens from around the world.

Chris Oesterheld

Assistant Vice President, Jiaherb, Inc.

AuthenTechnologies® is a well-established lab that we have used to confirm the identity of Pea Protein through DNA-authentication. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of work provided and the small amount of time it took to get the results back. Here at Jiaherb, Inc., we manufacture hundreds of herbal extracts and powders. Our business is growing at a rapid pace, and it is reassuring to know a company like AuthenTechnologies® is eager to come along for the ride. We will surely use AuthenTechnologies® facilities again in the future

Marian Boardley

CEO, Marian Boardley Consulting LLC

While no one technique can solve all problems in quality control of powdered botanical ingredients, DNA testing is a powerful method that can add a whole new perspective to identity testing programs. Although DNA testing has not been widely used in the herbal products industry to date, it is a well-established primary technique in plant taxonomy and integral to the botanical programs of most universities. What’s most important about DNA testing is the quality and reliability of the library of reference materials used to back the identity results. AuthenTechnologies® recently ran some samples for me to provide identity confirmation for a number of powdered botanical ingredients and reference materials that I was using in an FTIR project. The results were very enlightening, and in some cases, surprising, and revealed problems with adulteration or substitution that undoubtedly exists in the herbal supply chain for target ingredients. Unlike some chemical tests, the suppliers of dubious botanicals cannot easily cheat the test by mixing in cheaper herbal materials, or substituting with closely related species which may not have the same standard of safety or efficacy.

Rob Frankenberg, Ph.D.

VP Drug Manufacturing, Bionovo, Inc.

AuthenTechnologies® CEO & CSO Dr. Reynaud definitely has a solid grasp of the techniques, technologies and technical difficulties associated with the authentication of natural and herbal products. Her work has elevated the analytical capabilities of Bionovo, Inc. and identified multiple gaps in sourcing herbs from Mainland China and Taiwan and the traditional authentication of Chinese medicinal herbs provided by purveyors. Her practical experience in an FDA regulated environment and understanding of GMP requirements gives Dr. Reynaud a unique perspective in this emerging field. With this experience, AuthenTechnologies® customers should have the utmost confidence in the quality, accuracy and documentation of botanical identification.

Bryan Jones

VP Operations, Sorrento Therapeutics

We have started using AuthenTechnologies® to assist in one of our key development programs. The specificity of their genetic methods allowed us to supplement our own in-house methods to produce consistent and high quality data. The scientists at AuthenTechnologies® execute the experiments in an efficient and timely fashion in addition to providing a well-documented report.

Jennifer Wheeler

Botanist, Bureau of Land Management

AuthenTechnologies® is not only a professional and high quality lab, but a fantastic, ‘can-do’ cooperative partner as well. The Bureau of Land Management, in cooperative agreement with the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Network partner University of California, incorporated AuthenTechnologies® into critical endangered plant species projects. AuthenTechnologies® produced the genetic results needed to determine evolutionary relationships and distinctiveness between populations of endangered northern California plant Arabis macdonaldiana. BLM is currently working with AuthenTechnologies® on another project looking to determine genetic distinctions between four subspecies of endangered Erysimum menziesii. This work is vital to correct nomenclature and conservation management of native flora and I can’t think of a more educated and efficient lab than AuthenTechnologies®.