• How long does testing take?

    Standard turnaround time is 10 business days from the receipt of your sample. Rush turnaround time is between five and seven business days, depending on receipt of your sample. If method development is required, this may increase the time by several days; please contact us at info@authentechnologies.com for specific requests or questions on your sample turnaround time.

  • How Much Does Testing Cost?

    Our standard testing, costs $295 for the first species in a sample for standard turnaround times and $100 for each additional species. Clean Screen testing is $495 as a standalone test or a total of $590 if done in conjunction with an identity test.

    If you’d like to rush your sample, giving you a faster turnaround time, please contact us! We will be happy to give you a price quote for your sample(s).

  • What type of material can you test?

    AuthenTechnologies®’ DNA testing services are appropriate for a wide variety of materials and finished products, including virtually any species of plant, algae, animal, bacterial or fungal species, and complex blends and mixtures. Nearly every part of the organism can be tested.  Even finished products and botanical extracts may be appropriate for testing, depending on the specific nature of the materials and manufacturing processes.   See a full listing of our species testing capabilities.

  • How much material do you need to test?

    In most cases, as little as 100 milligrams of dried or fresh material is sufficient for each test.  We recommend sending in no more than 2 tablespoons of material.

  • What is the difference between universal and specific tests?

    Our universal tests are designed to target larger regions in plants, animals, fungi, etc. as a whole, while specific tests are designed to target very small regions in just one genus or sometimes family.

  • Are your tests DNA barcoding?

    No.  DNA barcoding is a popular term, but the test is not fit for purpose with any material that has been processed, mixed, heated or treated. We use our own methodology which is much more sensitive, targeted and comprehensive.

  • Where do you get your reference materials?

    We have unique partnerships with some of the nation’s leading academic and research institutions, including Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley and The New York Botanical Garden to gather the best reference materials in the world — plant vouchers that are authenticated by Ph.D. botanists.  Over the last six years we’ve built our proprietary sequence database for nearly all commercially traded plants to ensure proper identification.

  • I received a report that says no DNA was detected, what does that mean?

    There are a variety of reasons for no DNA being detected. One of the most common reasons is that the sample is too processed, and therefore the DNA too degraded, to be detected. While we use small regions of the DNA, sometimes the strands can be too small for even our highly specialized primers. However, lack of DNA detection does not mean that your sample does not contain the species.

    If you are concerned about your results and would like to inquire about them, please contact us at info@authentechnologies.com and we will be happy to help!

  • What does “other plants/animals/fungi” indicate on my report?

    This category contains all other genera besides the target genus that was detected in your sample. These additional sequences surpass our strict quality cutoffs and the number of occurrences are reported.

    If you would like to identify the additional genera and species, you can do so by contacting info@authentechnologies.com about your report. There is a $145 additional charge per species.