About AuthenTechnologies Testing Services

NSF AuthenTechnologies® is the first full-service DNA contract testing laboratory specializing in species identification and genetic fingerprinting for the natural products industry. Our services are used by major food, supplement, and herbal and spice suppliers and manufacturers, testing laboratories, and government agencies throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our testing services are based on the best botanical science, use the most cutting-edge genetic technologies and are conducted following ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards (see our Scope of Accredidation) to provide the most reliable testing on the market today.

NSF AuthenTechnologies®’ line of identity testing services is based on a combination of cutting-edge DNA technologies, most notably next-generation sequencing. These methods have been developed and validated by an experienced team of scientists to provide the most accurate and reliable identification of species, even those that are morphologically or chemically similar.

We offer species authentication tests for a wide range of materials − from raw to finished products − including foods, supplements and botanical extracts. Whether there is one or numerous species, we can test and report as many species as needed.

To further develop our DNA services, our scientists developed the Herbal Reference Barcode™ (HERB™) Database of validated DNA barcodes for species identification of botanicals, animals, fungi and bacteria.  Through our partnerships with leading scientific institutions around the country, we are able to obtain vouchered reference materials to use as standards for the highest quality identification.