Materials We Test

AuthenTechnologies® DNA testing services are appropriate for a wide range of materials, species, products and ingredients. 

For a detailed list of materials that we can and cannot test using our DNA testing services, please click here.

For a detailed list of the species that we currently have testing capabilities for, please click here.

Example Products & Ingredients:

  • Raw Ingredients
  • Dietary Supplement Capsules & Tablets (selected)
  • Botanical Drugs (selected)
  • Herbal Tinctures (selected)
  • Botanical Extracts (selected)
  • Food Products (selected)
  • Pressed Oils (selected)
  • Seasoning Blends
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Seeds & Nuts
  • Meat & Meat Products
  • Fish & Fish Products
  • Grain & Grain Products
  • Fruit & Vegetable Purées and Juices
  • Vegetable & Meat Protein Powders
  • Probiotic Bacterial Cultures and Powders
  • Mushrooms & Mushroom Blends

Products Not Tested: Supercritical (CO2) Extracts; Essential and Distilled Oils; Animal Shells, Blood, Hair, and Bone; Human Pathogens; Illegal Plants and Animals

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